Fall 2018

Mary Kay


The challenge is to develop an app for Mary Kay that connects Independent Beauty Consultants and their clients not only in their community but outside as well.


The solution is a facial scanning makeup tutorial app that connects Independent Beauty Consultants to their clients outside their communities.

independent beauty consultant

Independent Beauty Consultants want an application that allows them to connect and expand their clients and connections from more than just their community. They want the application to show and reflect what happens at parties even if a client can’t attend.


The client wants to take full advantage of what being a Mary Kay customer is. They want to able to see content and tutorials from parties that they missed or live too far away from. They want the opportunity to have a how to makeup tutorial done virtually so they know how to apply the products to their own face.


“I want a way to expand my clientele to more than just my community. I want a way to interact with my clients without together in person”

Jackie - IBC


“With my busy schedule it’s hard to attend Mary Kay events that my consultant hosts. I would love a way to experience what happens at the events without being there in person”

Grace - Clinet

Potential Client

“I’m hesitant joining my local Mary Kay community but knowing I could join communities around the area or even father away, I’d be more eager to join”

Katie - Potential Client

brand audit

Mary Kay currently uses a very inconsistent branding across all platforms. The type treatment varies greatly.

user based login

At the first landing page the user is presented with a page prompting them to sign in, sign up or shop. Based on the users choice at that stage it lead them to a specified homepage based on their intent.

IBC side of the digital makeup application

A digital makeup application will establish a larger audience and not restrict Independent beauty consultants clientele based on location. The application will allow IBC to create makeup looks live at parties and share them across the app to their clients.

purchasing during the tutorial During the tutorial, the IBC applies the product and adds it to a list of products used. The list of products is then available for clients to view during the tutorial.

client side of the digital makeup application

purchasing during the tutorial During the tutorial, the application allows clients to purchase the makeup while it's being applied in the tutorial.