Spring 2019

Project Starburst


Project Starburst is a local food pantry that feeds anywhere from 250-300 families per month. One of the main issues in combating the problem that Project Starburst has is the lack of awareness of the organization and its location. The location of Project Starburst is in the lowest level of a church in an area where they do not “stand out” in relation to the surrounding businesses.


Create a cohesive brand system that reflects Project Starburst’s values while providing awareness and support in the Big Rapids, Michigan Community.


Abbie Franckowiak & Leandra Gill


Receive food or other supplemental services

Availability of clinic (no line/wait, ease of process)

Easily contact someone

Gain information about Project Starburst quickly

Not sure it is for them (others may need it more)

Unsure of process (paperwork, qualification, wait time, etc)


Want to help neighbors within their community

Want to learn more about what Project Starburst does

Want to know what their money is being used for

Need options for donating money, food, etc.


Help clients better their situation

Community service hours (college students)

Help increase donations

Give back to community

A way to spend time

Willing to give up their own time

Wants to be helpful

Often done in groups

brand audit

The current Project Starburst brand uses a very inconsistent color palette. The type treatment also varies greatly and the logo has no connection to the brand.

visual concepts
Logo iterations

The goal for the logo was to create a mark that would abstractly represent how Project Starburst is a Path that connects you to help. In the digital iterations, we wanted the logo to have a personal and imperfect feel. The iterations explore use of hand drawn circles.

Brand Standards
Photography Standards

Our photography emphasizes people coming together, positive energy, and local scenery. The color overlay effect is created using specified gradients in Photoshop.

super supper assets

Project Starburst hosted a fundraiser, Souper Supper, which was the perfect opportunity to begin rolling out the new brand. The event materials included advertisement posters, tickets, table tents and donation cards.

digital experience

The digital experience solves the problems that we found in our initial user research.

digital style guide

We found that the established color palette did not accessibility standards for web. That being said, the digital style guide was created to ensure consistency and efficiency during the website design, while also keeping in mind accessibility throughout.


The Project Starburst site is was built through WordPress in order to be maintainable for our clients. View the site